How To Buy Cannabis In Canada With A Budtender

Some of us are still figuring out how to get to our favourite dispensary while social distancing, but there are quite a few things to learn before going out to grab some buds.
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How To Buy Cannabis In Canada With A Budtender

All views expressed in this interview do not represent the opinions of Cronos Group Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, Fire & Flower, or any entity with which they are or have been affiliated. Some of the questions and responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Some of us are still figuring out how to get to our favourite dispensary while social distancing, but there are quite a few things to learn before going out to grab some buds. Find out how you can shop hassle-free from Stephanie, a Budtender at Fire & Flower, a premier cannabis retailer across Canada.

What made you want to become a Budtender?

I wanted to become a “Budtender” because I have a passion for cannabis and I have experience working in harm reduction at events for safe substance use education. I am the volunteer coordinator for Indigo Harm Reductions, and we travel around Alberta and BC doing safe substance use education at music festivals and events. When I discovered Fire & Flower, I learned more about how education-based the company is and was instantly inspired to help educate the cannabis community on safe use and product knowledge on terpenes and the history of cannabis.

Why work at Fire & Flower? Did you work at another dispensary prior to this?

Fire & Flower is the first cannabis shop I’ve worked at and I chose them because of the depth of education the company provides its staff and customers. Fire & Flower also values community engagement, and community has always been important to me.

What is the best way to buy cannabis right now? Online? Curbside pick-up?

We encourage our customers to buy our products in a way that makes them feel most comfortable, but of course we love seeing our customers shopping in store! There’s nothing like human connection. Choosing your order online through the Fastlane and coming in to purchase and pick up your cannabis is a great option, because you still get the chance to ask our educators questions about our products. Fostering a connection with the customer is important to us, and we love seeing them come by and talk to us about what they are purchasing.

What policies did Fire & Flower put in place to help encourage social distancing?

We have social distancing stickers on the ground to help shoppers keep a safe distance away from other customers. We also have a sneeze guard at the till to ensure our staff are safe, and we sanitize our terminals, floors, and door handles hourly.

How do you think the shopping experience in dispensaries will change moving forward? 

I believe that in the future, people will appreciate human connection even more.  It’s important to us to foster connections with our customers and provide a shopping experience that is personable and tailored to our customers’ needs and interests. 

We miss being able to let customers hold the grinders, bongs, and vapes they are interested in, as putting it in their hands may help them decide if the product is right for them. However, our staff are always eager to help our customers find the products they need or are interested in trying.

What are some tips you might give to customers looking to purchase cannabis safely during these times?

Our customers can always use our Fastlane and website to browse! There is a lot of information listed with each product to help determine what you will enjoy. Even if you do not make an order, it will still give you an idea of what we have in stock for when you visit us.

Our menu board also has a lot of information on it, and if it’s busy in store, you may not have a chance to speak with an educator right away. Having a general idea of what you want to buy before coming in will help us complete your shopping experience safely and efficiently.

How are you spending your downtime while social distancing? 

I’m in my backyard a lot! I love sitting in the sun, hula hooping, and making art in my journal. I also like to go on a lot of bike rides and going on hikes in the Rocky Mountains… and seeing the sun helps cheer me up.

What’s your favourite way to consume cannabis?

I personally prefer vaporizing! I also enjoy joints here and there.

What are some of your favourite activities to do at home after a session?

Being creative, whether it’s painting, flow arts, or making jewelry. I also enjoy exercising on cannabis. Cardio and weightlifting is fun because I can get so lost in the music I listen to.

What are some of your favourite Spinach® products and why?

I really enjoy White Widow by Spinach® because it mellows me out but still gives me inspiring energy to get stuff done! It has a beautiful flavor and is great for socializing. I also have a Spinach® 510 Threaded Battery and I love the three different heating options for heat!

Indica or Sativa? 

Indica! I love the body high.

We hope this guide can lead you through your next trip to a dispensary. Follow our friends at Fire & Flower on Instagram for more updates!

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